When Is It Time to Redesign Your Kitchen?

This post will cover the top two reasons homeowners renovate their kitchens. It will also cover all the long-term happiness and improvement factors when purchasing new kitchen cabinets.

When is the greatest time to renovate your kitchen?

You’re probably reading this blog because you’re considering upgrading your current kitchen or planning a new kitchen for a new house. Consider the variables that influenced your choice, and then contrast your aspirations with the top two reasons for kitchen remodels.

Your Current Kitchen Is Obsolete

An outdated kitchen is one of the top reasons homeowners decide to renovate and one of the top reasons they decide not to rent or buy a house. Aside from dangerously obsolete equipment, the most typically outdated kitchen components are cabinets and worktops. How can you determine if your kitchen cabinets are out of date?

  • There are no safety features. Cabinet manufacturers may occasionally include plugs and switches into existing cabinets. If a cursory inspection of your kitchen outlets finds more phone line connections than GFCI outlets, your kitchen may be outdated. 

GFCI outlets are a needed safety requirement for any kitchen and cut off electric flow in the event of an unexpected flow. Ensure that the electrical installations in your new kitchen are up to code. With new features like outlet-equipped drawers, installing outlets and switches within cabinets may not be ideal, but maintaining a standard size guarantees cover plates, and other pieces can be readily switched out.


  • Existing storage is unusual or does not meet your requirements. Consider what items were regularly housed in your kitchen cabinets when they were created. Your grandmother’s kitchen did not need storage room for a stand mixer, an electric grill, an electric pressure cooker, three crock pots, and a toaster oven. 

It’s also feasible that you don’t want cupboards with a built-in recipe card, knife, or plastic wrap storage. Cabinets with specialized storage might be an excellent choice for your new kitchen. 

Determine the chance of using that specific storage again in the future. A built-in pot and pan rack are likely helpful, but a plastic shopping bag dispenser will quickly become obsolete.

Your Existing Kitchen’s Deterioration

Even though today’s designers create high-quality cabinetry built to endure, you may have older cabinetry that has seen better days. Evidence of superficial damage to cabinet doors may entice you to reface them. However, there are additional indicators to look for to decide if you should replace your cabinets rather than just refacing them.


  • Poor craftsmanship. If your current cabinets are of poor quality, replacing them with long-lasting, high-quality cabinets generally makes more economic sense than refacing them. Fragile inside paneling, using lower-quality grades of particle board instead of higher-quality ones, stapled connections, and flimsy plastic drawers are all indicators that your cabinets were of poor quality. Look for excellence in future Kitchen Cupboards Scottsdale Arizona | Custom Cabinets USA

Cabinets like ones from Cabinet Solutions USA should be constructed using thick, high-quality plywood for the cabinet box and shelves and high-quality wood for the doors and structure. All connections should be securely linked, drawer slides should be of high-grade steel, and shelves should be well supported. Try visiting https://www.cabinetsolutionsusa.com/products/bathroom-cabinets for more info.


Whether remodeling your kitchen or making a new one, your kitchen footprint is heavily influenced by the cabinets you choose. Whatever the reason for your new kitchen, keep these thoughts and ideas in mind when selecting the pieces for your new room-your kitchen cabinets.

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