Rezum Treatment: Why Is It Gaining Popularity?

Rezum, a minimally invasive method that uses steam injections via transurethral access into the transitional prostatic zone to thermally ablate tissue, is gaining favor. Its key advantages are its high safety profile, low sexual side effects, low anesthetic requirements, and low cost. Despite its efficiency and popularity among patients, it is currently only approved and used on tiny prostates. Rezum, in theory, could be a viable alternative for men with big prostates, albeit this is a relatively untapped area of study.

What are the benefits of Rezum treatment?

Here are some reasons you should consider Rezum BPH treatment.

Possibility of discontinuing medications.

We all know that males want to avoid everything relating to medicine. We dislike going to the doctor and much less so taking drugs. Alpha-blockers (e.g., Tamsulosin or Flomax), 5-alpha reductase inhibitors (e.g., Finasteride or Dutasteride), and PDE5 inhibitors are examples of prostate drugs (e.g., Cialis or Tadalafil).


These medications have side effects, some potentially harmful to your health. Rezum Therapy is the latest treatment for BPH and it’s a minimally invasive technique that allows you to have a strong, consistent flow WITHOUT having to take your prostate meds. After you recuperate from your Rezum therapy, your doctor will almost certainly discontinue those medications.

General anesthesia is not required. Rezum is a technique performed in the doctor’s office.

If you’re asking, how does Rezum work?, Rezum is NOT a surgical procedure. It is a treatment that requires very little in the way of disruption to daily life and may be safely carried out at the doctor’s office. As a result, you won’t have to spend long hours in the hospital or visit the operating room. You are not required to go through the risks of general anesthesia. Most significantly, you will be able to leave immediately following the surgery.


There is no reason to remain in the hospital. The treatment can be completed effectively and with minimal discomfort with local anesthetic and light sedation.

Maintains sexual function (Erections and Ejaculation).

Every medical technique aims to offer the best possible outcome while avoiding side effects. Most enlarged prostate procedures, such as the Transurethral Resection of the Prostate, also known as the TURP or “Roto-Rooter,” have potential side effects. In most cases, men with TURP give up their capacity to ejaculate in exchange for a healthier urine stream. TURP and other prostate surgeries can also increase erectile dysfunction.


Rezum has been shown in tests to successfully cure blocking prostate tissue while preserving sexual function. After four years in the initial clinical trial, no participants developed ED, and ejaculation appeared to improve over time.

The procedure takes less than 5 minutes.

Most prostate procedures in the operating room last between 30 minutes and 2 to 3 hours. I have extensive experience with Rezum technology, and the process has never taken longer than 4 minutes (even for bigger prostates). Rezum is a fast treatment that usually takes no more than 2 minutes to conduct. It is both rapid (reducing discomfort) and efficient.

Rezum produces long-term results.

After five years, research reveals re-treatment rates comparable to TURP surgery. Remember that Rezum is a relatively young technology, having been offered to patients for less than six years. According to the existing research papers, after four years, only 4.4% of men needed another surgery to help them urinate, and 5.2% of men had to restart their meds. These figures are comparable to the TURP, showing that up to 14% of patients require surgical retreatment after five years.


Rezum is an excellent treatment for urinary problems caused by an enlarged prostate. If you have obstructive urinary symptoms, are tired of taking drugs, or are experiencing issues with an enlarged prostate, Rezum may be a potential answer.

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