Where Can I Get Free Kitchen Design Advice?

When preparing to remodel your kitchen, the first order of business is to create a decent design. This is more difficult and necessary in the kitchen than in other rooms since the challenges are more complicated and more or less permanent. 

While a living room or bedroom may be easily changed regularly, a kitchen requires substantial equipment, electrical and plumbing service, and permanent (and costly) cabinets. You only get one or two big kitchen remodels when you buy a house, so getting the design right is critical.

If you have the money to employ a general contractor for this renovation project, expert design help may be included in the package. But what if you want to handle the job, design the kitchen, and employ subcontractors for certain tasks? 

Finding design assistance might be tough if you are not working with a general contractor like Legacy Kitchens. Kitchen design may be bought as a stand-alone service, although it is sometimes rather costly. Fortunately, there is a viable alternative for obtaining free kitchen design assistance.

Home Improvement Centers and Kitchen Material Stores may assist you.

Big-box home improvement companies like Lowe’s and The Home Depot provide free kitchen design guidance as a marketing technique to promote their cabinet and appliance product lines and to get people into their locations. Even if they do not purchase things from the retailers, the intelligent homeowner interested in a full-scale kitchen may benefit from these free kitchen design services.

Specialized kitchen goods retailers may provide similar services for similar reasons: They seek to sell things to the consumers they create for. You may also get design help from specialist kitchen businesses, frequently high-end cabinets and appliances with large markups without purchasing the items. 

However, some merchants will be wary of providing free advice without a purchase commitment. Big box home improvement stores are frequently glad to provide free advice, probably because their cheap pricing makes it likely that remodelers would purchase at least part of their goods in the shop.

Specialized kitchen renovations businesses may give generic design advice but reserve more thorough planning until buyers sign contracts to employ their services and goods.

Is it moral to get it for free?

Professional kitchen designers, particularly those who work for specialist kitchen design and renovation businesses, openly despise the concept of homeowners seeking free guidance. They will claim that taking free advice when there is no intention of purchasing is unethical. 

However, the store’s management knows that some potential consumers will not go with a full-scale kitchen makeover and that others will not purchase their products and services. This is just the price of doing business. 

Customers who “take the advise and flee” will ultimately return to acquire their products and services once they comprehend the overwhelming nature of a significant kitchen renovation project.

Every company has an incentive to attract consumers, and much as grocery shops provide free food samples in the hopes of selling items, kitchen product sellers provide design advice as an incentive to attract paying customers. You can try checking out this link How-To Video: Choosing the Right Kitchen Designer – Legacy Kitchens News to learn more about renovations.

To End

If the concept makes you nervous, you may want to limit your free design assistance to large box home improvement stores. These shops are so secure in their cheap product pricing that they are unconcerned about clients who openly seek free information. 

Be mindful; however, that advice from huge home improvement stores will be quite basic, and it may lack the depth and refinement that experienced designers at niche businesses can provide. True kitchen design pros may be found at specialty kitchen businesses.

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