Ways to Distract Your Active Young Patients During Their Appointment

Every child has that moment when they are in your clinic for a visit, and their patience wears thin. Fortunately, you can entertain kids with a few tricks. As their healthcare provider, you want to make sure they are comfortable and happy during their appointment.

This way, they can get the care they need without unnecessary stress. Here are some ideas you can use to alleviate their boredom, quell their fears, and make their visit more fun and exciting:

1. Allow Them to Ask Questions

During your examination, engage with them in conversation. Some simple questions may help them feel more comfortable sharing information with you about themselves. These personal questions will also let you know what they like and dislike.

As a result, you can recommend activities that they would enjoy in the future. For example, if they tell you that they like ice skating or swimming, then tell them fun facts about where the best ice skating or swimming is near them.

2. Decorate Your Clinic

You can also bring a little of the outdoors into your examination room, like movie theater themes, a fish tank, or potted plants. Bring pictures from nature they can look at to help them relax and focus on something other than that they are in an unfamiliar place. 

Decorations in your clinic can make the experience more enjoyable for your patients. Some designers and artists specialize in transforming healthcare facilities into child-friendly spaces if you are not artistic. If you’re on a budget, make your own decorations with simple things like crayons, paper cutouts, or yarn. 

3. Bring Toys for Them to Play With

Modern children expect technology whenever they enter an unknown space. Equip your clinic with small toys or games that will keep your young patients occupied when they need to wait for lab results or other examinations.

The battery-operated handheld games are perfect because they require minimal supervision while still engaging the child long enough to allow you to perform your necessary tasks.

4. Consider Painting Your Clinic with Interesting Murals

You can also paint murals associated with outdoor activities, such as woodland wall art. It is a theme that focuses on children’s love of nature.

Murals can be a source of visual entertainment and distraction. They can be anything from pictures of sea creatures to jungle animals to even paintings of the sky filled with puffy clouds. If budget is not an issue, combine your murals with custom furniture, like a cartoon character-shaped chair.

5. Ensure Your Staff is Friendly

Another way to entertain your young patients during their appointment is through your staff. Make sure the people they meet are friendly and kind, so your patients feel comfortable speaking with them.

For instance, children may be frightened of what you are doing during an examination, but if the nurse has a cheerful disposition about their work, your child patient can have someone to talk to while they wait for you to finish your tests.

6. Be Kind and Patient with Them

You must show kindness and understanding for your younger patients. It can be difficult not to lose patience with children who constantly ask questions and move about during an appointment or examination, but you must not reprimand them.

If they feel like you are not paying attention, they could become even more anxious. Be sure to give your patients positive praises if they behave during the appointment.

The Takeaway

Your goal is to ensure that your young patients have a great visit to keep them coming back for future checkups. They should feel comfortable and safe in your care, with positive experiences to remember when they are older.

Engage with them during their appointment by asking questions, decorate your clinic with nature-based murals, or allow them to play with child-friendly toys from modern technology. Also, make sure that the staff they meet is friendly and kind to have someone to talk to while they wait for their examination or tests. 

If you decide to hire designers or artists to improve your office’s interior design, make sure to find professionals with experience working in a setting like yours. For instance, if you’re a dental clinic, they can also do dental billboards for you as an additional marketing strategy.

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